Monday, October 27, 2014

Parents as Partners

Parents as Partners

Parents are child’s first and most enduring educators, parental involvement is a key element for child’s success in school. Indus World School has always considered parents as integral part of the curriculum, we believe in Child Centric Learning where mentors, parents and curriculum work in sync to look for the overall development of a child. We conduct many workshops and events like Parenting Seminars, Parent out bounds, Workshops on Academics. One more unique practice that helps us to know child better is Home Vist – Mentors visit the home of each child once a year to get to know the family better. This gesture goes a long way in building a lasting bond between child, mentor and parents

 One such event  Math for Moms was  conducted on Saturday at IWS, DLF
Gurgaon. Moms are the one who spends most of the time with the children. The agenda for the session was to bridge the gap and bring same understanding in parents. They experienced how maths learning happens from our surroundings especially our kitchen. The session saw experiencing learnings about pre number concepts, number familiarization, one to one correspondence, mastery of number levels, writing, addition, subtraction, tens and ones etc. We realized how our daily life is into maths only from alarm clock to car speed and distance, from measurement and quantity of food to be prepared to dressing up. Hence, we experienced joyful learning in maths

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Indus World School awarded for Innovation in Pedagogical Practices


We at Indus World School always like to innovate and come out with processes that will help each child in our care excel and learn. Innovation also happens to be one of our core values. However, when an external agency ratifies this, it surely leaves us with a wow moment. !! One such wow moment at Indus happened very recently when Indus World School bagged the award for 'Innovation in Pedagogical Practices' at the 4th World Education Summit organized by digital Learning and eletsTechnomedia.
digiatlLearning World Education Summit, organized annually since 2011, is the world’s premier platform on education for everyone who is passionate about education and learning. Top schools of India had filled in the nominations and it was a moment of pride as our school bagged this award. Our focus was Indus Practices and Tech@Indus (technology at Indus). 
As an Indusian I look at this award as a small window through which the world outside gets a glimpse of the life at Indus. So on one hand the curriculum adopted very beautifully integrates the three R’s of education: Responsibility, Relationships and Reverence for the entire life. The entire focus is thus on the need to learn about oneself and to be involved in one’s learning thereby nurturing self- respect and self -esteem. The learning also inculcates the social and emotional literacy along with the focus on academics and MACDS –Music, Art, Craft, Dance Drama and Sports. We do all this with the help of some unique practices generally termed as Indus Practices.
Our school harnesses technology in a unique manner. Indusians are developingtheir thinking skills by engagingwith technology rather than consumingtechnology. Children at IWS learn to use a programming language – Scratch- from an early age. Each child from grade 4 onwards uses an educational tablet. The tabs are like a personal ‘Smart Class’. The children use the tabs to take diagnostic tests. The online learning platform ‘Compassbox’ has a number of tests for the children to practice. A fully wi-fi campus with a safe high speed Video Conferencing (VC) facility connects the children across our sister schools. Subject experts use VC for arranging lectures, we also use VC for teacher training and sharing of resources. The School connects to the parents through its indigenous technology for communication – SIS – Student Information System. We also use Google Apps for Education and the drive to share and upload all documents including daily homework, newsletter, circulars etc.
Indus is creating ripples in the academic circles and each one of us at Indus is taking a moment to reflect and celebrate this moment. However, we Indusians believe in the adage – Plan, Prepare, Proceed and Pursue and so the learning cycle never stops at Indus. Many more ideasand wow moments are in the offing as life at Indus is all about joyful learning!

Friday, August 8, 2014

The Master Strikes Again!!!

Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it. ~Maya Angelou

The above quote is proved by our Indusian- Rajat Jhawar from class XI who through his practice and hard work, turned his hobby into a passion and earned "STAR" artist award for the second time in Picasso International art competition. This is a global online art contest which has been started to motivate artistic and creative minds and provides a good platform for many young artists.

Indus World School has always believed in integrating MACDS (Music, Art , Craft  Dance and Sports ) as part of the curriculum and provides training and platform for children to excel in them . These activities help in the overall development of the children and enable them to acquire the skills required to be effective leaders in the 21st Century.