Sunday, June 29, 2014

Indus Summer School organized by Indus world school, Sohna Road, Gurgaon, has been a fantastic experience for kids. Joint efforts of professionals, IWS team and Summer school kids took it to great heights.
Children began the day with outdoor games like Badminton, Mini Soccer, Table Tennis, Basket Ball and Cricket. They underwent Fitness training like running, skipping, stair climbing. Children were engaged in a lot of activities like Art, Painting, Pottery, Sports and Dance. Children of all age groups enjoyed the pottery classes, it was the highlight of all activities.

 Children learned making interesting things from clay like pots, diya’s, animals, vehicles etc. They enjoyed exploring the world of colours and introduced them to sketching, shading, Finger printing, water colors etc. They tapped their feet on different dance numbers.

The feedback shared by the parents was heartwarming. Parents commented “ Worth spending on Summer School”, “Best vacations of my child” , “ I can see more flexibility and stamina in my child” ,

“ My child enjoys dancing now”. “Our child will wait for next year summer school”.

We would like to appreciate and thank all the faculty members, IWS team and kids associated with the summer camp for putting their effort s and making it worthwhile.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Camp 2014

The evening of Sunday 25th May 2014 witnessed the closure of the 2nd Summer Camp held at Indus World School Junior at Jyoti Nagar. The program commenced with harmonious prayer song followed by a patriotic song which won a loud applause from the audience. Taekwondo techniques for self defense demonstrated by the young children took the parents by surprise. The young skaters put up an act which was a treat to every one’s eyes. The well-groomed dancing and singing skills were presented in front of the parents. They were all praises for the wonderful work done at the camp by the Indus Mentors and bade farewell with the promise to return for the next year summer camp.

Feedback from parent: